Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More archaic anti-cannabis propaganda

Does stuff like this do anything to educate people about cannabis? Or does it just perpetuate the age old myths that started in the twenties?

The Retriever Weekly describes the ads currently running in the US that shows how out of touch some government departments are:

Flipping through the channels, a man in a pith helmet and a white mustache flashes onto the screen, asking you to join him in his hunt for the “mature stoner.” It is yet another anti-drug commercial in the government-sponsored ad campaign “Above the Influence.” Filled with propaganda and falsified information, the series of four commercials chronicles the adventures of “Dr. Puck” and his assistant, Baldric. They watch “stoners” in their natural habitat: relaxing, going to school, and even driving. This series of ads perpetuates many of the myths associated with marijuana use.
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