Monday, April 7, 2008

Grandmother Wants Pot In Hospital

Patricia Tabram, 69, is going to hospital soon for a kidney operation. She is apparently allowed to take her own food into hospital. Problem is, she laces hers with Cannabis to treat chronic neck and back pain. The hospital has stated that if she does bring her tainted food in with her, they'll call the Police.

Read the story by Neil McKay of The Journal here.

Give the woman a break! I think she is old enough and wise enough to know what works for her and what doesn't. What's she gunna do? Suffer Pot Psychosis? I had a psychologist warn me last week that I might suffer a psychotic episode if I continue to smoke. He also told me that he was against drugs of any kind, then in the next breath said he was making me an appointment with a GP so that I could be prescribed anti-depressants. Hypocrisy?

How strange. I've been suffering depression for a number of years and have kept the demon under control for all that time with minimal daily doses of Cannabis. Due to a sudden move some 500 kilometres from home, I have no local place to obtain my medicine of choice to treat my condition/s. After four weeks, I have sought treatment from a professional because I cannot get the medicine that works. They ignore everything I've told them about how Cannabis works for me and try to push a prescription drug (Lovan - fluoxetine) on me. The common side effects of fluoxetine are worse than the symptoms I am suffering.