Monday, April 21, 2008

Get Your Captain Joint Bobble-Head Today!

From the 24/7 Press Release site:

Captain Joint in co-operation with the John C. Bunn Trust is pleased to announce the release of the worlds first Educational "Legalize Medical Marijuana Bobble-Head".

The Figure has been sculpted from a stage photo of High Times Freedom Fighter, Captain Joint in action. This photo was taken at the Maine Vocals Harvestfest of 2007, as the Starks Growers dumped over eight pounds of Medical Marijuana on the public stage as an act of Civil Disobedience. The Growers were upset that Don Christen, leader of the Maine Vocals was arrested just the Day Before the Show!

With his loaded four foot glass bong, green bud hanging out, his scale around his neck, and his lighter leash, Freedom Fighter Captain Joint is ready to party with you.

The full Press Release is here.

Advance Orders & Dealers/Retailers requests should be sent to:
Captain Joint Bobble-Head
John C. Bunn Trust
30 Front St.
Me. 04414

Phone: 207-965-2341

Captain Joint on MySpace

John C. Bunn Trust has exclusive marketing rights to the name, image, and character of Captain Joint and uses this personality and image to market educational items to inform people of the plight of medical marijuana patients in America.