Monday, April 14, 2008

Going Cheap - 110 grams of Cannabis Leaf - $2200

Sometimes I get a little frustrated at how the law values the crops that they bust.

A bloke in Bathurst NSW (Australia) was done last year for growing 43 cannabis plants in his backyard. They valued the crop at AUD 86000, which works out to $2000 per plant. I guess that's an arbitrary figure they place on a plant's value. However, they also found 110 grams of leaf. That's about three and a half ounces, and valued it at $2200.

Now seriously, would anyone in their right mind pay $20 for a gram of leaf? Would anyone pay anything for leaf? The average home grower smokes a bit of leaf while waiting for their bud to mature. Commercial growers might use it as mulch or give it away. Other folks might 'value add' by passing it through an 'iceolator' or cook it into a 'canna butter'. But no-one pays that sort of money for cannabis leaf.