Monday, January 4, 2010

Robbie Gennet: Mother Nature is My Middleman

This is brilliant. I do hope that some people who are ignorant of the real reason for cannabis' prohibition might see some sense in his argument.

Robbie Gennet: Mother Nature is My Middleman

Now you may at this point have deduced that I am pro-cannabis, and you'd be right. But it's not a recreational issue, though a fat spleef does have its pleasures. It is an issue of middlemen and the profits they make as well as the government and the taxes they collect. With alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals, there is always a middleman. With marijuana, there is only you and Mother Nature and she's a very generous middleman. Well, the term middleman may not apply here, for it conjures up thoughts of profit margins and goods transacting and that is not Mother Natures job. She's more of a conduit, giving of sunshine and water and fairly adept at helping seed grow. She's not a man and she's not in the middle and she requires no payment nor takes a profit. And this is a big reason why marijuana has remained illegal: no company or corporation need be involved for you to grow and enjoy it. Those who oppose legalization are those with the most to lose. And you know who are most opposed to legalizing marijuana? Middlemen.

Yet they forget that Americans are built on convenience and marketing. Who's gonna set up a grow room when they can buy high quality skunkbud at 7-11? "Um, give me the Marlboro Marijuana 100's, no filter, hemp paper, extra thick fatties with the Cheech and Chong trading cards and stick of gum." Even so, a large portion of people will simply get some seed, plant some weed and move about their lives, which on so many levels threatens the profit margins of middlemen.