Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Australian Politicians - Are You Reading This?

Rather than get offensive, I'll start this by saying, Australian Cannabis laws are archaic.

We have six states and two territories (on the major continental islands). In every one it is illegal to grow medicinal grade cannabis. Granted, our industrial hemp laws are in some ways ahead of other countries. In three of our states (Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales), we can grow Industrial Hemp with varying degrees of monitoring and inspection. However, some other states have trialled the crop, but inconceivably rejected industrial use.

Right now we need to push for legal medicinal cannabis in Australia.

Canada has passed Medicinal Cannabis laws. Thirteen states in the US have medicinal cannabis laws. In Europe, many countries have decriminalised cannabis. In Australia? Nothing. It is still an illegal drug with wide and varied penalties, depending on where you live and what you possess/grow.

Current research shows cannabis to be a valuable, but underutilized medicine.

In previous posts I have reported on many of the recent research efforts into cannabis' medicinal value.
The following links are just a sample:

 Australia has an opportunity to be at the forefront of medicinal cannabis research and development. We could lead the world in this industry if a few forward thinking politicians look beyond the 'marijuana madness' myths of the 30s and 40s, and start seeing cannabis as the valid medicine that it is and has been for 5000 plus years.