Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Zealand Cannabis Laws Challenged in Court


A judge deciding whether cannabis laws breached the rights of a cannabis campaigner has reserved her decision.
Judge Ann Kiernan said she wanted to carefully consider an application by Dakta Green for a stay of proceedings on charges he faces of possession of cannabis and possession for supply.

The original post:

This is something we Aussies should be taking a lead from.

Dakta Green, founder of New Zealand's most prominent cannabis club will today argue that cannabis laws are a fundamental breach of his rights.
Mr Green is arguing for a stay of proceedings on charges of possession and possession for supply and will argue before Judge Keirnan that cannabis laws
discriminate against cannabis users and that the severity of the penalties breach the Bill of Rights Act.
The hearing will see the Misuse of Drugs Act challenged using the Bill of Rights Act
"Alcohol and tobacco are dangerous drugs but are legally available. Cannabis causes less harm to our community", says Green...

The illegality of cannabis may well be a breach of the Australian Constitution as well. However, our politicians respect our Constitution in much the same way as a person respects a dog turd on the footpath. They recognize the danger of standing in it and give it a wide berth. For all intents and purposes, our Constitution doesn't exist when it comes to the Law.

Having said that, it may be worthwhile looking into a challenge to The Courts over here. 
I'll post an update to this as soon as the results of the hearing are heard.