Sunday, June 20, 2010

Devil cure hope in rainforest Tasmania News - The Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania

I was chatting with a friend who told me of a tree in the North Queensland rainforest that was being used to cure carcinomas.

I was searching for for something completely different this morning and found this article:

Devil cure hope in rainforest Tasmania News - The Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania

The rainforest drug, known as EBC-46, is extracted from the brushwood tree. It has had remarkable success in facial tumours in other animals.

Queensland life science company QBiotics Ltd chief executive Dr Victoria Gordon said the drug could definitely be used on the Tasmanian icon.

"There is potential for EBC-46 to be helpful in that area," Dr Gordon said.

"We have a strong interest in both conservation of the tropical rainforest and in native fauna and flora, that is what our team is all about, so certainly there is an interest from us.

"We are not currently working with the Tasmanian devil, but as a company we are happy to make the drug available to any researcher working with zoo or native animals."

EBC-46 has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of solid-tumour cancers in animals.

Clinical trials have resulted in more than 100 dogs, cats and horses being successfully treated for a diverse range of solid inoperable tumours including melanomas, sarcomas, carcinomas, mast cell tumours and sarcoids.

The drug which can be directly injected into the tumour or spread as a topical gel stimulates the immune system to destroy the tumour.

It is expected to be available for use on animals by veterinarians towards the end of this year and human trials will begin early next year.

Now this is great! Another plant based cancer cure. Of course, it goes without saying that this compound (EBC-46) has probably been patented by QBiotics. Which may not be a bad thing.

Comparing this to cannabis oil as a cancer cure would be unfair to EBC-46. You see, EBC-46 is injected or applied topically to cancers. It is (or can't) be ingested. The company states that it is not effective on metatastic cancer cells. That is, it is inneffective against rapidly spreading cancers. Cannabis oil on the other hand can be ingested and is highly effective against metatastic cancers. It can also be applied topically on carcinomas.


twisty said...

Hi old man...

Good article..
any find to advance a cancer cure is great news....

I'm actually amazed at how big Pharma isn't more pro environment... both on land and sea..considering the large amounts of potential for amazing finds...

there's a plethora of un-found wealth for them...

like the experiments that are being done on CBD in weed...seems it has a great anti seizure property..

good post ..