Sunday, June 6, 2010

Big Pharma denies the facts again - cannabis cures cancers


A typical response by commercial entities that stand to lose a LOT if this cure gets widespread exposure. Refer to my earlier post on how cannabis cures cancer


Anonymous said...

LOL Fucking conspiracy theorists. Shoot yourself now, it'll end your suffering.

Indica Man said...

Recent and not so recent peer reviewed literature and research says that cannabinoids 'cure' certain cancers. They act on cancer cells in a way that causes them to die for want of a simpler term. Healthy cells remain healthy and undamaged. They are effective against the following:
Malignant skin melanomas.
Glioma brain cancer cells.
Metastatic cancers cells, such as those found in breast and other fast spreading cancer.
Cannabinoids have also been found to enhance neurogenesis (brain cell formation) at certain doses.

Common sense would tell you that this drug needs to be researched much more intensively and all it takes is for it to be removed from its Schedule One rating in the US, and to have research restriction removed from the drug in Australia.
When that happens, this drug can be tested in controlled envoronments with humans, the same as any 'Big Pharma'chemical drug gets tested.

At present, research has been restricted to very small human samples....and animals.

Seriously, something like Amitriptyline can be released onto the public by a company like Merck, a drug that has common side effects that are just scary, and if overdosed on will kill you.

Yet a drug that it would be physically impossible to overdose on, and if you tried you'd fall asleep before you came anywhere near close is prohibited from human research? The same drug has side effects such as, appetite enhancement, drowsiness, and in very rare cases (from over dosing not overdosing), paranoia.

You tell me why.