Friday, April 24, 2009

Louis - Speak To Me About Cannabis Reform

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Hi, My name is Louis and Im an American that moved out here to Sydney a couple of years ago. Compared to back home, I feel like Australia (even Sydney and NSW where I live) have pretty reasonable cannabis law. Let me scratch that, the law is still pretty invasive, but it seems that enforcement for the average citizen is pretty lax. I mean, you can barely walk around without the sweet smell of a joint hitting your noise as it leaks from someone's house. However, it is still necessary that we look to make real progress with this issue. Ive wondered for years how the hell there hasnt been any progress on the medicinal front here even though there was a "commission" assigned to look at the viability of cannabis. It seems to me like there isnt a serious, unified push being made by intelligent, committed members of the community to bring the truth forward. Although there is tolerance to a certain degree in Australia, people continue to go to jail and patients continue to suffer for lack of medication. I mean, I see people sitting at all of our fine cafes here for hours at a time, self-medicating themselves with caffeine and cigarettes, all the while harbouring ignorant perspectives on freedom and more importantly on drug laws. Back in the US, I believe that we will have serious discussion for legalization within the next 5 years. The harmful effects of prohibition are far outweighing any perceived gains in the "war on drugs." As those invasive and racists policies fail, there will be opportunities all around the world to re-define not just which are illegal or legal drugs, but to re-define what freedom is, to one day be represented by OPEN government; to be able to know that justice does exists and that the hidden agendas of politicians and businessmen do not dictate the way of the world.

I'm not trying to say progress hasn't been made, but now is as good of a time as ever to set a serious foot forward. No matter where it is the movement for cannabis law reform should not only look to "free the weed," but to expose the lies, the propaganda and those responsible for literally taking away the lives of the imprisoned, the sick, the suffering and people of color that have seen entire communities destroyed not by drugs, but by ignorant drug policy, poor education and a system that treats health care issues with handcuffs and chains. For me, cannabis law reform is less about being able to head down to the Chemist and buy, and more about taking a major step to educate the public and politicians alike that drugs are not the problem here. It is ignorance, poor parenting, and a system that looks to blame and fight wars against concepts and inanimate objects such as "terror" and "drugs" and "poverty" that limits us. We need to realize that the real wars are fought within as we encounter all the realm of human experience. When we have a wealth of information to rely on we can make decisions that for better of for worse we will at least learn from. When our whole world is filled with mis-information and propaganda and lies, well its easy to see what we get; a failed financial system, overcrowded prisons and wars financed by the drugs, prostitution and "terror" that we so nobly spend billions to fight. What we do need here in Australia is a professional, focused lobby group for cannabis law reform. It seems that there are many willing to do their part, but we need to get together and approach the issue as citizens and taxpayers first, and cannabis users second. I am advocating the start of a national organization to fight for this cause. Say what you will about the Marijuana Policy Project or NORML, but they have gotten alot of airtime in the media and eventually, they will bring full legalization to the US. The question then will be, what were the costs of 70+ years of prohibition? Will those responsible for the lives destroyed feel remorse? What of the 7000 drug-related murders last year alone in Mexico? What of the guns, prostitution and even slavery necessary to the black market distribution of drugs? Will it have been worth it? We need lawyers, doctors, artists, accountants, web designers, architects, hospo workers and everyone else to step up and put an end to this. Not only so people can consume cannabis, but because true freedom will exist one day on this Earth and so those responsible for holding back human development for the advancement of political agenda will answer for all the injustice and harm that failed drug policy bring about.

I would really like to get going on developing a lobby group. If anyone is interested I intend to contact the MPP for any info our sources and work using a similar model to them. This means the focus will be on getting scientific information in the media to combat the propoganda, getting non-profit status, and having a well-informed community that understands the line that must be respected if we are to make any progress on this issue. I want to approach it in a very professional manner as I believe it is the only way to be heard with such a seemingly taboo issue in the political arena.

If anyone is interested or has any ideas, input or experience please reply.