Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big Joint

For those who have come in late; Part 2. The plan is point out the POTential revenue that would be raised by the HEMP revolution, please keep uppermost in mind we are not talking about a government tax on home grown cannabis for personal use, we are talking about the revenue that will be generated by the hemp Agri business - Fibre, Fuel and Food. Number One carbon scrubbing plant on the planet, I repeat, Hemp is the NUMBER ONE Carbon scrubbing plant on the planet. Hemp is stronger and requires far less fertilizer than, say, cotton; being naturally insect repellent, and having few insect predators capable of effectively attacking it, it needs little to no pe$ticide$. As food, hemp seed is right up there with the Soya bean for nutrition and a lot more versatile. Since Hemp seed is the only food source that has the vital Omega Acids 3, 6 and 9 it can help reduce humanities reliance on fish, currently the main source of omega acid. I should also add that cannabis has a growing reputation amongst cancer patients as a wonder drug and it's 'miracle cure' reputation for breast and prostate cancer has been scientifically verified since the last time we took the BigJoint to Canberra. Another example? How about old growth Tasmanian forest being sold as wood chips for a couple of dollars a tonne. Irreplaceable forest for a measly $2 per tonne. If the government were to legislate a redeployment of the 'woodchip' industry into the 'hemp industry, within a few years the HEMPchip industry will be churning out high quality pulp and what's left of the old growth could stay alive until someone wants to pay its real value; $200,000,000 a tonne. Since a hemp seed is 35% oil, containing the highest oil percentage of all seeds, hempseed is ideal for bio diesel and when the sustainability of a bio diesel industry is compared to the unstable future of the oil business, case closed, I mean the price of oil has never come down in my lifetime, hemp based fuel could save Australia billions and billions of dollars. Still yet another example? Hemp is being used in the Ukraine around Chernobyl to absorb radioactive isotopes from the soil. That's just some of the reasons. Stimulate the Economy, cure cancer, save the trees and fish, reduce our dependency on oil and clean up nuclear waste........... I am not making this up, cross check all this info on Google.

Bottom Line? We do not want cannabis legalized just so we can sit around and smoke pot all day long, we have common sense reasons why 'out door' cannabis should be relegalized so that all Australians can benefit from this wonderful plant, indeed, from a global perspective, no other country on earth stands to gain as much as Australia does by relegalizing the hemp plant in this time of Global Economic Turmoil. We have the acreage, the sunlight and the willing workers required to become the earths leading supplier of hemp for Fibre, Fuel, Food and Medicine.

Big Joint


twisty said...

When taken into account the "satellite" benefits such as nutes/blub/grow supplies companies..etc selling more product, it makes no sense for Govt's not to realize the obvious benefits to all involved and the only REAL losers are the street dealers and importers.....